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A Philosophical Investigation - Kerr, Philip

A Philosophical Investigation - Kerr, Philip

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Clean, tight, unmarked; single very light scratch on back cover; very light wear to bottom edge; remainder mark on bottom edge; otherwise very minimal wear; appears unread; The year is 2013. The place is London. The death penalty has been replaced by the more economical alternative "punitive coma," a popular musical of the day is called "The Yorkshire Ripper," and serial killings have reached epidemic proportions. The government has found that the best detectives are women. Of them, none is better than Inspector Isadora "Jake" Jacowicz, an iron-willed beauty with cadmium-green eyes. Serial killers know her skill. fellow officers fear her contempt. Men cringe before her wrath. And only her therapist suspects the demons that driver her. But now she must stop a killer code-named "Wittgenstein," whose intellectual brilliance matches his homicidal madness, and who trumps her with fresh corpses again and again in a macabre mind game. In a future world of "reality approximation," DNA detection, and social disintegration, the ultimate investigator and a chillingly rational murderer enter into a diabolical cat-and-mouse game.
Very Good
Soft cover
Toronto, ON

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