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A Place That Used to Be (Signed) - Brinn, Brittni

A Place That Used to Be (Signed) - Brinn, Brittni

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SIGNED BY BRITTNI BRINN on title page; As New; Five years have passed since the mysterious Event wiped out most of human civilization. Trading caravans travel between nascent settlements. Lawless scavengers called Grafters prowl the wasteland in increasing numbers. Rhonda and Milo have made the best of the truncated school building they call home, growing vegetables and making short films to keep themselves occupied. But when Milo suspects a growing illness, the two of them will have to decide: will they stay where they are, or will they journey through the dangerous realm of the wasteland? In this sequel to The Patch Project, nostalgia and hope shape each character's search for a place to belong in an unforgiving world.
As New
Soft cover
Adventure Worlds Press
Windsor, ON

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