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A Short History of the Georgian Church - Ioselliani, P.

A Short History of the Georgian Church - Ioselliani, P.

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Translated from the Russian by the Rev. S.C. Malan; Second Edition - First published in Britain in 1866; The desire on the part of the Anglican Church for closer intercourse with the Churches of the East induces me to give from the Russian the following short but interesting account of the Church of Georgia, as yet little heard of, though venerable alike for its antiquity and for its faithfulness during centuries of untold vicissitudes. The author, a learned Georgian, writing for the first time a history of the Church of his country, claims in his Preface the indulgence of his readers for a work which is little more than an outline of the main features of the history he tells.
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Holy Trinity Monastery
2nd Edition
Jordanville, NY

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