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Ask the Elk Guides - Jones, J.Y.

Ask the Elk Guides - Jones, J.Y.

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Clean, tight, unmarked; absolute minimal wear; appears unread; Jones carefully selected twelve outfitters and guides from the Southwest desert to the Pacific coast with the Rocky Mountains of the United States and Canada in between, making sure he covered guides for every type of elk terrain and both major types of elk. He chose long-term elk guides who have almost 300 years of guiding experience. To these men he posed questions such as, "What is the most common mistake elk hunters make?" and "What caliber should the elk hunter use?" Together with dozens more questions, the reader will get some of the most insightful thoughts and ideas on elk hunting tactics, elk behavior, best techniques, and elk lore that has ever been put into one book. All interviews are lengthy, and the answers are detailed. In these pages you will find literally centuries of experience in hunting elk, something you cannot find in a dozen other elk-hunting books combined.
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