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Bachelor Jim's Family - Boon, Clarence A.

Bachelor Jim's Family - Boon, Clarence A.

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Clean, tight, unmarked; very minimal wear; Illustrations by Terry McLean; Cover show man on horse leading cattle down a hill through snow; This is the continuation of the book called Bachelor Jim. It tells about Jim's family, and where and how they lived. Raising a family of three girls and a boy, was no easy task at any time. It was the stock that always pulled them through, when the crop failed. They always milked cows, so Ann had the cream cheques to buy groceries with. If they hadn't been friends with Log House Tony, things would have been a lot worse. It was just too bad he was a bachelor, and Ann couldn't go to visit, but she was always glad to give Tony a meal when he stopped by. He seemed to take a lot of interest in James, which helped a lot.
Illustrator: McLean, Terry
Very Good
Leech Printing Ltd.
Brandon, MB

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