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Bandit: A Portrait of Ken Leishman (Signed) - Tefs, Wayne

Bandit: A Portrait of Ken Leishman (Signed) - Tefs, Wayne

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INSCRIPTION FROM WAYNE TEFFS on title page; As New; Fiction. In the spring of 1966 Ken Leishman stepped onto the tarmac of the Winnipeg Airport and into the pages of Canadian history. By then, the mastermind behind the country's largest gold heist had already gained Dillingeresque notoriety as a gentlemanly bank robber. Toronto headlines had spread the news about the brazen - and polite - 'Flying Bandit.' This time, he almost got away. Almost. In this book Tefs imagines what happened behind the headlines, intertwining the full-on action of Leishman's exploits with the story of a smart but troubled kid growing up in a stifling small prairie town. As a married man and father of seven, Leishman dreams of greatness and a good life for his family. Even as he plots the biggest caper in Canadian history, he is guilt-ridden over his failed promises to go straight. Readers of this fictionalized version of a tremendous true story will be hard pressed to judge the life of a Canadian fold hero who dared to fly far out of bounds.
As New
Soft cover
Turnstone Press
Winnipeg, MB

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