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Bewilderment - Powers, Richard

Bewilderment - Powers, Richard

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As New; This heartrending novel asks the question: What are we doing to our children? Theo Byrne is a promising young astrobiologist who has found a way to search for life on other planets dozens of light-years away. He is slso the widowed father of a most unusual 9-year-old. His son, Robin, is funny, loving, and filled with plans. He thinks and feels deeply, adores animals, and can spend hours painting elaborate pictures of them. His is also on the verge of being expelled from third grade for smashing his friend's face with a thermos. What can a father do when the only solution offered to his rare and troubled boy is to put him on psychoactive drugs? What can he say when his son comes to him wanting an explanation for a world that is clearly in love with its own destruction? All he can do is to take the boy to other planets, while fostering his desperate campaign to help save this one.
As New in As New dust jacket
Random House
Toronto, ON

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