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Canada's Constitutional Revolution - Strayer, Barry L.

Canada's Constitutional Revolution - Strayer, Barry L.

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Clean, tight, unmarked; title page removed; light wear to upper spine extreme; otherwise very minimal wear; spine straight and uncreased; appears unread; From 1960 to 1982 Strayer was instrumental in the design of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the patriation of Canada's Constitution. Here Strayer shares his experiences as a key legal adviser with a clear, personal voice that yields an insightful contribution to Canadian history and political memoir. He discusses the personal philosophies of Pierre Trudeau and F.R. Scott in addition to his meticulous accounts of the events and people involved in Canada's constitutional reform, and the consequences of that reform, which reveal that it was truly a revolution. This is an accessible primary source for experts and non-specialists interested in constitutional history, political history of patriation and the Charter, interpretation of the Charter, and the nature of judicial review.
Very Good
Soft cover
University of Alberta Press
Calgary, AB

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