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Dance Of Power: A Shamanic Journey - Gregg, Susan

Dance Of Power: A Shamanic Journey - Gregg, Susan

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As New; This is the story of one woman's fascinating, real-life journey to find her soul, and of the path she took. With the help of a man named Miguel, a Mexican-Indian Shaman, or "Nagual," Dr. Gregg undertook her personal quest for freedom and happiness. Here, Dr. Gregg details her studies with Miguel, her travels to other realms, and her initiations by fire and water into the life of a "warrior." If you want to understand how you create your own reality - and how you many be wasting energy by resisting change or trying to understand the unknowable - take the enlightening path of Nagual. Practical exercises at the end of each chapter give you the tools you need to embark upon your own spiritual quest.
As New
Soft cover
Llewellyn Publications
St. Paul, MN

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