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Death of the Liberal Class - Hedges, Chris

Death of the Liberal Class - Hedges, Chris

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Clean, tight, unmarked; absolute minimal wear; appears unread; In this lucid, disturbing look inside our fallen liberal institutions, Hedges tell of his own experience, how, with the rise of the corporate state, the liberal class has distorted its basic belief systems to support unfettered capitalism, the national security state, globalization, and staggering income inequalities. Totalitarian and proto-fascists, ridicule it and its values and are fantastic and unrealistic. But they are grounded in a disturbing truth: history has shown time and again that when the liberal class ceases to function, as happening in Tsarist Russia, Weimar Germany, and the former Yugoslavia, it opens a Pandora's Box of evils that infect civil society.
Fine in Fine dust jacket
Knopf Canada
1st Edition

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