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Donut Shop Lovers (Inscribed) - Steele, Melissa

Donut Shop Lovers (Inscribed) - Steele, Melissa

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INSCRIPTION FROM MELISSA STEELE on title page; Clean, tight, unmarked; very minimal wear; appears unread; An unflinching look at modern love and its implications of fear; loneliness and complacency. The collection is divided into two parts, the first being a series of connected stories about the members of one family whose lives are disrupted by marital breakdown. The children believe they are the cause of the split, the husband and wife seem to fall out of love with each other and the husband gets involved with a university student who moves in as the 'new' mom. The second part consists of stories that hinge on how people get involved with one another, sometimes by chance. In the end, though, everyone is on their own. "Donut Shop Lovers" tells of two people - polar opposites - who are attracted to one another while both not feeling worthy of the other.
Very Good
Soft cover
Turnstone Press
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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