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Dunraven House: An Irish American Love Story - McMahon, John (Inscribed)

Dunraven House: An Irish American Love Story - McMahon, John (Inscribed)

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INSCRIBED BY JOHN MCMAHON on title page; As New; This book begins in Ireland in the late 1800s, with the sweet love story of Patrick and Sally, who dream a future together as they stand in the moonlight on the O'Connell bridge in Dublin watching the swirling waters of the River Liffey. But Sally's father has different plans; he takes her away to a better life in America. Unable to heal from the loss, Patrick drifts from job to job until he is taken on a handyman at the great mansion Dunraven House. There, a cruel master rules his servants, his family, and his beautiful wife with an iron fist. Only Patrick has the strength and courage to try to protect them from the master's violence; he will need all of that courage to bear the burden of a terrible secret. Spanning 80 years, this is a remarkable tale, a love story within a love story, with a surprising ending that readers will remember long after the last page is turned.
As New
Soft cover
Shamrock Publications
Salt Spring Island, BC

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