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Ghost Detective - Muswagon, Zachary

Ghost Detective - Muswagon, Zachary

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As New; Billy Ghostkeeper is a dead man. Literally. The compliance officer for the First Nations band was shot in the head and left for dead. But even though he comes from a great line of chiefs and warriors, Billy can't cross over to the great hunting grounds. He must stay and solve the mystery behind his murder. At least that's what he is told by his spirit guide, a smart-aleck crow, who has promised to guide Billy in order to repay some sort of spirit guide gambling debt. Because he is now a ghost, Billy needs the help of his bumbling, hapless cousin, Dale, to convince their Aunt Kena to get involved. Kena is an elder who has the "eyes of fire," a power that allows her to cross back and forth into the spirit world. Grudgingly Kena agrees to help Dale, a wannabe gangsta rapper, even though it messes up her TV watching and bingo playing. This exciting thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat while you are enthralled by the antics of these three hilarious characters.
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