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Ghost Railways of Ontario - Brown, Ron

Ghost Railways of Ontario - Brown, Ron

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As New; These are the ghost railways of Ontario. If you are a rail fan, a trail user, or simply a Sunday explorer, Ron Brown is your guide to discovering these ghost railways. Using this handy illustrated guide you can hike the old Credit Valley Railway as it edges up the cliff face of that spectacular landscape; you can trace the 'ghost railway to nowhere' into the legendary Mountains of Silver west of Thunder Bay; you can drive the cindered right of way of the much-loved 'Kick and Push' Railway north of Kingston, a route that was once the exclusive domain of the steam engineer; and you can follow the ghost town trail left by Canada's wealthiest railway builder, John Adolphus Booth. Visit towns whose very landscapes evolved around the railway; pace the platforms of old stations at Hastings or Fenelon Falls or Stirling, waiting for a distant whistle that will be heard no more. Sadly, Ontario's railway heritage is seldom celebrated and largely forgotten. This is your opportunity to relive this legacy.
As New
Soft cover
Broadview Pr
Peterborough, ON

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