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Ki and the Way of the Martial Arts - Tokitsu, Kenji

Ki and the Way of the Martial Arts - Tokitsu, Kenji

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As New; While technical prowess and physical power are essential characteristics of a martial artisit, true mastery of the art comes by cultivating one's inner strength. Here, Kenji Tokitsu shows how cultivating ki (life force) and understanding the principles of budu (the martial path of self-development) can make training in martial arts more meaningful, effective, and personally and spiritually rewarding. Tokitsu emphasizes the mental aspects of martial arts practice including: the importance of ki development; seme, or capturing your opponent's mind; understanding ma, the spatial relationship in combat. Studying these concepts, he explains, gives martial arts the tools to train for a lifetime and at the very highest level. Tokitsu also gives a historical and cultural survey of budo, and explains how the Western view of budo training is different than the Japanese - a perspective rarely available to Western martial artists.
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Boston, MA

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