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Laws of Media: The New Science - McLuhan, Marshall; McLugan, Eric

Laws of Media: The New Science - McLuhan, Marshall; McLugan, Eric

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As New; Marshall McLuhan has been described as Canada's most exciting and original thinker. The McLuhans are retrieving another way of understanding our world. It is based on the use of words and the consequent power of the 'logos' to shape all the elements of culture - media - with which we surround ourselves. The authors explain how the invention of the alphabet led to the dominance of visual-space conceptualizations over those of acoustic space and its creative words (and word-plays). They consider the differences between the left- and right-hand sides of our brains, and use Gestalt theories of figure and ground to explore the underlying principles that define media. 'Media,' the word so closely connected with Marshall McLuhan's thought, is here explored in its broadest meaning, encompassing all that has been created by humans. The laws identified by the McLuhans constitute a new scientific basis for media studies, testable, and able to allow for prediction. It takes in all human activities and speech; it breaks down barriers and reconsiders them as mere intervals. In the McLuhan tradition, this New Science offers a while new understanding of human creation, and a vision that could reshape our future
As New
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