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Leonardo da Vinci's Aeronautics - Gibbs-Smith, Charles H.

Leonardo da Vinci's Aeronautics - Gibbs-Smith, Charles H.

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A Science Museum Booklet; 40 pp; Clean, tight, unmarked; some wear to edges; colours bright and unfaded; very minimal wear; Perhaps the greatest universal genius of history, Leonardo da Vinci provides an absorbing chapter in aeronautical history. He was the first man of high scientific attainments to investigate the problems of flight. Over the whole of the span of his aeronautical activities, Leonardo's aircraft may be divided into nine main types. The machines are dealt in this booklet in this order: Type A - prone ornithopter; Type B - Boat-shaped ornithopter; Type C - Standing ornithopter; Type D - Powered ornithopter; Type E - Semi-ornithopter; Type F - Falling-leaf glider. After Type F will come a brief discussion of Leonardo's flap-valve wings, wing construction, flight control, and wing testing rigs; then notes on his finned projectiles, parachute, helicopter, and inclinometer, followed by notes on his work on bird flight and other matters.
Very Good
Her Majesty's Stationery Office
1st Edition
1st Printing
London, UK

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