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Metaphor and Meaning in Psychotherapy - Siegelman, Ellen Y.

Metaphor and Meaning in Psychotherapy - Siegelman, Ellen Y.

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As New; When therapists hear patients talk of feeling "imprisoned,""burning with rage, " "trapped," or "unequipped, they are witnessing manifestations of the symbolic attitude, the hallmark of all depth psychology. Most clinicians naturally respond to and use metaphors, but they often fail to understand the full potential of metaphoric images. This volume addresses the transformative power of metaphor, and demonstrates how clinicians can deepen the therapeutic encounter. Case vignettes, drawn from the author's extensive clinical work and from the literature, are presented throughout. What makes this book exceptional is the lucid style and wide-ranging knowledge of Dr. Siegelman, who draws on material from poetry and fiction as well as major psychological theorists. Her work offers keen clinical insights for all who practice psychotherapy, regardless of orientation.
As New
Soft cover
The Guilford Press
New York, NY

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