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Metis Lands in Manitoba - Flanagan, Thomas

Metis Lands in Manitoba - Flanagan, Thomas

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Clean, tight, unmarked; long crease runs from bottom center of back cover to approx half way up and effects last few pages; some scratching to covers; otherwise very minimal wear; When Manitoba entered Confederation in 1870, the Dominion government promises to give the Metis population a large amount of land. It is widely thought that the Metis never got this land or were cheated out of it; and in line with that view, the Manitoba Metis Federation is today suing Manitoba and Canada for compensation. Based on exhaustive research into government archives, land titles records, and other manuscript sources, this book shows that the government of Canada fulfilled, indeed overfulfilled, its legal obligations to the Metis. It is confirmed the title of Metis farmers to their river lots, distributed over 1.4 million acres of Dominion Lands to the Metis children, and made many other grants of land and scrip to the Metis. They, however, chose to sell most of these lands because they were surplus to their needs at the time. They obtained good prices for their lands and made a great deal of money from the sales. Present-day complaints are based on an anachronistic misreading of history.
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