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Nena - Young, Irene (Inscribed)

Nena - Young, Irene (Inscribed)

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INSCRIPTION FROM IRENE YOUNG on title page; As New; This is the story of Nena. Nena is the Cree word for "me" and this book is Irene Young's story of her search for "knowing nena." It is a spiritual and earthly journey filled with experiences which encompass all aspects of an individual seeking serenity, security, fulfillment, accomplishment, realization, freedom, humour, and foremost love. The dialogue is aimed at respecting all of creation. Nena's story begins with her carefree childhood and adolescence in the community of Opaskwayak Cree Nation, and continues on through the intergenerational effects of residential school trauma. The book concludes with Nena's elder phase and profiles of her helpers, to whom she is passing on the traditional teachings of her people.
As New
Goldrock Press
Norway House, MB

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