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Protecting Aboriginal Children - Walmsley, Chris

Protecting Aboriginal Children - Walmsley, Chris

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As New; Beginning in the 1960s, large numbers of Aboriginal children in Canada were removed from their families by provincial child welfare services. Known as the "sixties scoop," the practice caused great harm to individuals and families and devastated communities. Today Aboriginal children comprise roughly half the children in state care, but sine the 1980s, bands and tribal councils have developed unique community based child welfare services to better protect Aboriginal children. This book explores contemporary approaches to the protection of Aboriginal children through interviews with practicing social workers employed at Aboriginal child welfare organizations and the child protection service in British Columbia. It places current practice in a sociohistorical context, describes emerging practice in decolonizing communities, and identifies the effects of political and media controversy on social workers.
As New
Soft cover
UBC Press
Vancouver, BC

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