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Selina: An Atlantic Salmon - Downer, Don

Selina: An Atlantic Salmon - Downer, Don

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Clean, tight, unmarked; absolute minimal wear; This book follows one fish as she develops from a tiny pink egg into a full-grown salmon. Selina explore the place she was born so it is imprinted in her brain so she can return to the same river tributary to lay her own eggs. she has a narrow escape from becoming food for other, larger fish, birds, eels and even humans. As Selina grows her explorations take her farther from the place of her birth, to the river and then to the ocean. It will b e a year before she feels a yearning to return to her special place in her river's tributary where she will lay her own eggs.
Illustrator: LeBlanc, Gisele
Very Good
UCCB Press
1st Edition
1st Printing
Sydney, NS

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