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The Ghost in the House (Signed) - O'Leary, Sara

The Ghost in the House (Signed) - O'Leary, Sara

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SIGNED BY SARA O'LEARY on title page; As New; What if a ghost were haunting your house? What if you were the ghost? Everything in Fay's life is perfect - living in the house she dreamed of as a child, married to a man she loves, and planning her life as an artist. Her life seems full of possibility. Then, late one night, Fay realizes that something has gone wrong. Things have altered in the house and somehow time, and Fay's husband, Alec, seem to have gone on without her. Fay - who thought her life was on the verge of beginning - finds it has abruptly ended. and she comes to learn that sometimes the life you grieve may be your own. This glimmering and darkly comedic novel explores both the domestic and the existential, delving into the dark heart of marriage and the meaning of life.        
As New        
Soft cover               
Doubleday Canada    

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