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The Handmaid's Tale - Atwood, Margaret

The Handmaid's Tale - Atwood, Margaret

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Clean, tight, unmarked; absolute minimal wear; appears unread; This is the story of Offred, one of the "Handmaids" whose purpose is to breed. In the new social order in which women are told they are being controlled for their own good, Offred lives in the home of the Commander and his wife. She is sent out once a day to the food market, chaperoned; she is not permitted to read; and she is hoping the Commander makes her pregnant, because if not she'll be sent to a toxic work camp, or end up as a sex slave in Jezebel's. Offred can remember the years before, when she was an independent woman, had a job of her own, and a husband and child. But ball of that is gone now... everything has changed. At once a brilliant satire, dire warning, and eulogy for lost values, this devastating novel has become a modern classic.
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