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The Life and Death of Anna Mae Acquash - Brand, Johanna

The Life and Death of Anna Mae Acquash - Brand, Johanna

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Clean, tight, unmarked; light price sticker ghost upper inside front corner of cover; spine slightly angled; otherwise absolute minimal wear; appears unread; In Feb 1976, the body of a woman was found on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. The official autopsy attributed her death to exposure. When the FBI identified the woman as Anna Mae Aquash, a Canadian Indian active in the American Indian Movement, her family and friends demanded a second autopsy. It revealed that Anna Mae had been killed by a bullet fired execution-style into the back of her head. Her murder and the attempts to cover it up bear remarkable similarities to classic methods used by government gangs to make people 'disappear' in Latin America. Anna Mae worked alongside Leonard Peltier and other leading figures of the American Indian Movement. Like Peltier, Aquash was targeted by the FBI. No serious investigation has ever been undertaken to determine the identities of her murderers, but all evidence points to American law enforcement officials. In this 2nd edition, federal MP Warren Allmand explains how Peltier and Aquash's cases are linked and calls for renewed efforts to identify Anna Mae's killers.
Near Fine
Soft cover
James Lorimer & Co
2nd Edition
Toronto, ON

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