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The Little Coat : The Bob and Sue Elliott Story - Buick, Alan J.

The Little Coat : The Bob and Sue Elliott Story - Buick, Alan J.

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Clean, tight, unmarked; absolute minimal wear; appears unread; Sussie Cretier was only 10 when she met Bob Elliott, a Canadian soldier assigned to help protect her region of the Netherlands from the invading German army. Sussie's family had endured years of Nazi occupation before escaping to a safe area where Canadian soldiers held firm with their guns and tanks. Brave little Sussie had once spoken out against the commanding German officer to save her father's life. Now nothing could stop her from getting close to these men who guarded her town and became her heroes during a troubling time. To the soldiers, Sussie became a glowing example of the innocence of youth and a beacon of hope for the future. On Christmas Day 1944, the Canadian honoured their little adopted soldier with a special Army-style coat that they ordered from a local seamstress. Decades later, the relationship between Sussie and commander Bob Elliott not only endured but flourished. Sue's 'Little Coat' has been donated to the War Museum of Canada as a permanent reminder of this powerful story of courage, hope and love.
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