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The Night They Came For Til (Signed) - Jenkins, Rebekah Lee

The Night They Came For Til (Signed) - Jenkins, Rebekah Lee

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SIGNED BY REBEKAH LEE JENKINS on title page; In the tenements of London England, 1904 is a dangerous time to be suffragettes on crusade. Shannon's aunt Matilda "Til" Stone, gynecologist and suffragette, believes women should have the right to birth control and self determination. After ten years spent at Til's side, Shannon has trained as a midwife to be her right hand. After a brutal attack that was meant to destroy their work, Shannon is shipped off to Canada to avoid the scandal around Til's arrest. In Oakland Manitoba, Shannon lands in a women's right battle that shakes the community and threatens the new hospital. As a midwife, Shannon helps the women of the community find their voice while she finds her own. Faced with a choice to live a normal life as a wife and mother or go back to England and crusade with her aunt, this book explores her choices and how they affect an entire community.
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