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The Promise - Young, Ida Linehan

The Promise - Young, Ida Linehan

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As New; North Harbour, NL 1894; Orphaned at a young age, Erith Lock has a cruel upbringing at the hands of a harsh stepmother. At the tender age of 16, a ruthless act leaves her shattered and struggling for survival. When all she has is her work, she makes a solemn vow to three small children. but circumstances drastically change, and the promise could take years to fulfill. She fears it might be better broken. When her past must be confronted, Erith finds herself facing unbearable choices that might cost her everything. Enduring self-doubt pushes Erith to her breaking point. Will she allow hope and kindness to guide her, or will it be safer to remain captive in the grip of her unfortunate past?
As New
Soft cover
Flanker Press
St. John's, NL

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