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The Rise of the Nazis - Fischer, Conan

The Rise of the Nazis - Fischer, Conan

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Clean, tight, unmarked; personal stamp with name on ffep; otherwise as new; This book begins with an overview of the historical context within which Nazism grew, looking at the foreign relations, politics and society of Weimar and particularly at the role of the elites in the rise of Nazism. It proceeds to examine the anatomy of Nazism itself. What lent its ideology coherence and credibility? How was Hitler able to put together and fund and organization so quickly and effectively that it could launch a sustained assault on Weimar? Who supported the Nazis and what were their motives? In concise, readable chapters, followed by a documentary appendix, this book provides the reader with an essential up-dated revision of these complex and traumatic issues.
Near Fine
Soft cover
Manchester University Press
New York, NY

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