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The Witch of Beaver Creek Mine - Nervelle, Rosemarie

The Witch of Beaver Creek Mine - Nervelle, Rosemarie

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Clean, tight, unmarked; absolute minimal wear; appears unread; Everybody in Beaver Creek, Nova Scotia, knows that the old gold mine just outside of town is treacherous. Some the shafts are flooded, and portions of the tunnels collapse without warning, creating sinkholes that can swallow anyone who stays too close. But it's not the mine the townspeople fear most. It's Old Maud who really gives them the shivers. Reputed to be a witch, the badly disfigured Micmac Indian woman is the only person who dares to traverse the land overlying the abandoned mine. 13-year-old Johnny Lightfoot has heard stories about Maud all his life. When, one day, he wanders too close to the mine, the earth gives way and he falls into an old tunnel. That's frightening enough, but even more alarming is the sight of Old Maud peering down at him. Such is the beginning of an unusual friendship, as Johnny comes to realize that overcoming his own fear Maud is nothing compared to changing the prejudices of others. Set in the 1940s and enlivened with dangerous challenges in the form of sudden floods, a fire, a lynx attack, and an angry mob, this is a story of tolerance, finding pride in one's heritage, and, most of all, friendship.
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