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Toward a Psychology of Being - Maslow, Abraham H.

Toward a Psychology of Being - Maslow, Abraham H.

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Clean, tight, unmarked; stickers on back cover; a few very light scratches to covers; spine straight and uncreased; appears unread; In this Second Edition, there is a constant optimistic thrust toward a future based on the intrinsic values of humanity. Maslow states that "This inner nature, as much as we know of it so far, seems not to be intrinsically evil, but rather either neutral or positively 'good.' What we call evil behavior appears most often to be a secondary reaction to frustration of this intrinsic nature." He demonstrates that human beings can be loving, noble, and creative, and are capable of pursuing the highest values and aspirations.
Very Good
Soft cover
Van Nostrand Reinhold
2nd Edition
New York, NY

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