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Visiting Fellow - Williamson, Dave

Visiting Fellow - Williamson, Dave

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Clean, tight, unmarked; absolute minimal wear; Poor Wally. It's the mid-1990s, and middle-aged history professor Wally Baxter is recently divorced and looking for love. No easy task in a time of hyper-political correctness. Wally's mind boggles at the complicated set of romantic rules that have sprung up in the last twenty years, but he manages to stumble his way into a budding romance with the young widow Carolyn. Seeking respite from his ever-mutable ex-wife, Wally decides to take his brand new paramour on a short-term sabbatical to the University of Tasmania. Only time will tell if hapless Wally Baxter can get his life and love in order in the land down under.
As New
Soft cover
Turnstone Press
Winnipeg, MB

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