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Worlds - Haldeman, Joe

Worlds - Haldeman, Joe

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Clean, tight, unmarked; very light wear to inside corners; otherwise very minimal wear; appears unread; At the end of the 21st century, many people think that the only real hope for the human race lies in the Worlds, the 41 orbiting satellites that are home to half a million people. The advent of cheap fusion has undermined the Worlds as a source of solar energy but there is still tourism and raw materials. New New York, the largest of the Words, for instance is a hollowed-out nickel-iron asteroid, which means it is almost pure steel. New New York is also home to Marianne O'Hara, a brilliant political sciences student who has been chosen to spend a postgraduate year on Earth. But the political relationship between the Worlds and Earth is complex and volatile, and Marianne unwittingly finds herself caught up with a group of fanatics looking to start another revolution in America - even if it means the destruction of Earth itself. Worlds is a fine and thoughtful novel from one of science fiction's most consistently entertaining writers.
Very Good
Soft cover
London, UK

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